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A. Practice listening for the national exam.

1 What’s It All About?

You’re going to listen to twelve dialogues. Listen and decide what the people in the dialogues are doing or talking about.

2 Environmental News

You’re going to listen to a programme with news from different places around the world. All the news items are about environmental issues

3 Think Twice

You’re going to listen to Think Twice, a radio programme originally broadcast a couple of years ago.

4 Open House

You’re going to listen to Open House, a radio programme for young people.


5 On the Radio

You’re going to listen to 10 news items or extracts from different radio programmes.

6 The KKCT Project

You’re going to listen to an interview with Ann Porter, a British woman who works with a project for young people.


B. Practice listening with news.


What’s It All AboutNational Exam
00:00 / 11:34
Environmental NewsNational Exam
00:00 / 16:01
Think TwiceNational Exam
00:00 / 31:54
Open HouseNational Exam
00:00 / 18:38
On the radioNational Exam
00:00 / 13:38
00:00 / 04:45
the-kkct-project-ljudfil.mp3National Exam
00:00 / 23:55
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